Memo To Ted Kennedy: You’re Not Royalty And You Don’t Get To Name Your Successor

Ted Kennedy wants Massachusetts to change state law to allow a speedy replacement should he be forced to step down from the Senate due to health.

A cancer-stricken US senator Ted Kennedy has asked Massachusetts leaders to change state law to allow a speedy replacement if it becomes necessary for him to surrender his seat, fearing a months-long vacancy would deny Democrats a crucial vote on Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul.
The note has been sent to Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick and the state’s senate president and house speaker at a time when Congress is considering an overhaul of the US healthcare system, a life cause of Kennedy’s.

I appreciate Ted Kennedy’s desire to see the people of Massachusetts represented by two Senators during the heated health care debate, but maybe he should have thought about as his health failed months ago. Kennedy has known that he was going to battling cancer for some time now. He’s also been in the Senate for, frankly, generations now. Maybe he should have stepped aside a while ago?
He didn’t, because like most of our political elite he just can’t let go of power. And now it appears as though he’s actually angling to name his own successor.
I know that it’s fashionable among some in the media elite to refer to the Kennedy’s as American royalty. Maybe Teddy has started to believe it.
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Ted Kennedy was the driving force behind changing the law back in 2004. Back then John Kerry had a chance to become President which meant that Mitt Romney would have been able to appoint a Republican to the Senate. Kennedy created the up to five month delay before a Senator could be replaced.
Kennedy just doesn’t want the governor to choose when a Republican is governor.
(Bill in the comments pointed out part of this before I added my two cents.)

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