Members Of Congress Profiting From Taxpayer-Funded “Per Diem” Travel Payments

The nation is trillions of dollars in debt. The current political leadership is adding trillions more. And meanwhile, members of Congress are lining their pockets with superfluous travel “per diem” funding courtesy of the taxpayers.

The total cost for congressional overseas travel is never made public because the price tag for State Department advance teams and military planes used by lawmakers are folded into much larger budgets. Members of Congress must only report the total per diem reimbursements they receive in cash for hotels, meals and local transport.
They don’t have to itemize expenses—a convenient arrangement since most costs are covered by the government or local hosts. Some trips subtract some hotel and meal costs from the per diems, others do not. “The policy is completely inconsistent,” one House member told me. Total per diem allowances (per person, including staff) can top $3,000 for a single trip. Unused funds are supposed to be given back to the government, but congressional records show that rarely happens. …
The House’s official handbook requires that lawmakers use regular U.S. airlines “whenever possible, unless such service is not reasonably available.” But congressional records show members routinely take military planes to London, Paris and other well-served locales. Members can fly for free with their spouses on military aircraft.

Keep working and paying your taxes, plebes. The political elite have a trip to the Bahamas planned and trips like that aren’t free!

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