Member Of Anti-Measure 2 “Keep It Local ND” Group Caught Spending Federal Funds On Booze, Lobbying In 2009


Update: Well that was dumb. Someone sent me this link, I pulled it up, and didn’t check the date on the story thinking it was brand new. My apologies, this is an old story from 2009.

Keep It Local ND is the coalition of government lobbyists, public worker unions, big-government liberal groups and big business lobbyists who have been pouring big money into defeating a grassroots efforts to eliminate property taxes in ND.

Unfortunately, a lot of these groups (including the ND Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Counties) take huge amounts of taxpayer dollars, making it pretty clear that the taxpayers are paying for a significant amount of their activism. So perhaps it’s not surprising that a member of that coalition of groups, the North Dakota EMS Association, would be caught misspending federal tax dollars on these like booze, parties and lobbying:

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – A group that represents North Dakota’s ambulance and emergency workers was ordered Wednesday to repay more than $124,000 in federal disaster planning money spent on alcohol, lobbying and other questionable expenses.

The North Dakota EMS Association, which represents about 1,800 ambulance and emergency workers, may be barred from seeking any more federal grant money, said Tim Wiedrich, chief of the North Dakota Health Department’s emergency preparedness and response section.

No wonder these people don’t want us to eliminate the property tax. It might mean less money for their parties and lobbying.

Rob Port

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