Media Passing Along Blame at Minnesota Republicans for Not Waiting Outside Closed Legislative Chambers

Once again the Grand Forks Herald runs a story (from the AP) this time that is written to cover up the misbehavior of Democrats. This story yesterday was a perfect example. This is the subheadline:

Republican Sen. Ted Daley hustled up Yankee Doodle Road in the lineup for Eagan’s Fourth of July parade, some of his constituents wondered loudly why he wasn’t at the state Capitol 10 miles to the north trying to end the state government shutdown that was in its fourth day.

Would it really hurt the NEWSpaper to explain why that statement is so stupid?

The fact is that the legislature is out of session. The Republicans CAN’T call the legislature back in session. That call has to come from the State Loon, Mark Dayton, who currently sits as governor of Minnesota.

So what does the person behind this story think that this Republican legislator should do? Isn’t it better that he gets out with his constituents rather than sit in St Paul doing nothing.

The news should also make it clear that the State Loon, Mark Dayton, sat on the budget bills passed by the Republicans for six weeks. He only vetoed them on the last day of the session to hamstring the Republicans from being able to address the issue any further.

Clearly the State Loon, Mark Dayton, set out to ensure that the government actually shut down.

But you don’t see those simple facts in the news stories.

One other thing that you don’t see is that the Republican bills vetoed by the governor increased spending over the biennium by 6%. They also don’t mention that Dayton is insisting that they increase spending by 24%.

In these days of fiscal austerity the State Loon’s insistence on budget increases of that magnitude are utterly irresponsible. His plan to finance this increase on the backs of the rich are folly as well. They are the one group that can make decisions to avoid taxes. Not only that Minnesota is already near the bottom of states you want to do business in.

Do supporters of the State Loon really want more jobs to move out of the state?

Personally I haven’t heard of much disruptions caused by the state shutdown. A buddy of mine that went to launch is boat where he usually does by the rest area on Cass Lake said that state employees took the time to block it off with concrete barriers. Nevermind that many state boat ramps are unattended all of the time.

Don’t worry, despite the states’ workers efforts to punish him for Dayton’s misbehavior he got his boat launched just up the beach. I hope those state workers couldn’t find a place to launch their boats.

I'm a Grand Forks native and alumni of North Dakota. I want to be Rob Port when I grow up.

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