Measure 2 Supporters Unveil New Logo For Keep It Local ND


Keep It Local ND is the coalition (with the unfortunate acronym of KIL ND) of unions, big government special interests and big business lobbyists formed to oppose Measure 2, which if passed on the June ballot would abolish property taxes for all North Dakotans.

One of the best arguments for Measure 2, I think, is the economic argument. It is indisputable that property tax exemptions help the state’s economy. That’s why those exemptions are a enshrined in state policy, from Tax Increment Finance Districts and Renaissance Zones to special economic development deals handed out to select businesses on a case-by-case basis.

The KIL ND folks don’t want all North Dakotans to get a property tax cut, because then the special economic development deals wouldn’t be so special any more. Which is the point made by this new logo created by Measure 2 supporters:

Looks perfect to me.

Rob Port

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