Mass Murderer In Nevada

I’m sure you heard all about it on the hysterical evening news:

The initial investigation indicated that there had been two separate shooters during the incident. One of the alleged shooters, Ernesto Fuentes Villagomez, age 30 of Winnemucca, was among the three men who were dead on arrival. The other was a 48 year old Reno man who was initially taken into custody at the scene as a person of interest.
The subsequent investigation lead detectives to believe that Villagomez entered the bar and at some point began firing multiple rounds. At least two of these rounds struck and killed the other two decedents, Jose Torres age, 20 and his brother Margarito Torres, age 19 both of Winnemucca. At some point during this shooting spree Villagomez allegedly stopped and according to witnesses reloaded his high capacity handgun and began shooting again.
It was at this point that the second shooter, the Reno resident, produced a concealed handgun and proceeded to fire upon Villagomez who succumbed to his wounds. The Reno resident was in possession of a valid Concealed Carry Permit issued through the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office.
After further investigation as well as ongoing discussions with Humboldt County District Attorney Russell Smith, the decision was made that the shooting of Villagomez by the Reno man was a justifiable homicide as outlined in Nevada Revised Statute 200.120 and 200.160. Because of this the Reno man was released from police custody.

So a nutjob goes into a bar and starts shooting, killing two people and injuring two others. Said nutjob continues shooting until he’s shot and killed by a concealed weapons permit holder. (Apparently he was also holding a gun.)
I have no doubt that if this guy would have continued his murdering spree that you would have heard it. Unfortunately that doesn’t fit the agenda of the press so you didn’t hear about it. I did a Google news search and found this one news source that covered it. I suspect that the AP didn’t deem it worthy of our notice.
Fortunately word gets around without the old media now days.

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