Mary Magdalene Naked In Vanity Fair

Well, at least the actress who played Mary Magdalene (Monica Belluci) in The Passion of Christ is. And the Vatican isn’t very happy about it.

Big News Network – The Vatican is not at all pleased with the Italian screen siren Monica Bellucci’s naked and pregnant pose on the country’s edition of Vanity Fair magazine.
Bellucci, star of the movie The Passion Of The Christ, and her French husband Vincent Cassel are expecting their first child in the autumn.
In the pose, Bellucci stripped to protest the new Italian laws allowing only married couples to use in-vitro fertilization and prohibiting the use of donor sperm, the World Entertainment News Network reported.
In the magazine, Bellucci said: Over here, if you aren’t married with all the proper rubber stamps, they stop you using science to have a child. Religious and ethical dogmas have prevailed upon common sense.
The Holy State’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano responded: The child who will be born is no longer a human being to protect in the womb, but becomes the unwitting accomplice of a sad game.

I’ve always wondered about the choice of Monica Belluci for the role of Mary Magdalene given her personality and personal beliefs. Of course, Mary Magdalene is something of a controversial historical figure. Many believe that she was nothing more than a prostitute who was absolved of her sins by Christ and who follwed him until his death. Others believe that she was a powerful and influential leader during her day and that she was to carry on Christ’s church after his death, only she was replaced by Peter and subsequently branded a whore by history.
So maybe Belluci was a good choice. Who knows.
Anyway, the pictures are in the extended section. WARNING: She’s nude. And pregnant.

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