Local Louisiana Official Waited For Three Hours To Meet With Biden About Oil Spill, Got 30 Seconds

But he did also get a nice picture with the Vice President too. Which is lovely, I guess, except it doesn’t do much to address the oil spill situation.

This is the problem with big, centralized government. Local officials develop solutions, and then struggle to get authority from the big, inefficient, centralized government to do what needs to be done.

Which is why (to change the subject for a moment) the health care bill is so scary. Our health insurance policies must now all be approved by the Secretary of Health. Meaning you can’t buy a health insurance policy in this country under Obamacare unless it’s approved by a member of the current President’s cabinet.

That’s going to cripple the insurance markets. Much like overbearing federal government has crippled the response to the gulf oil spill.

Rob Port

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