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Today’s show:

2:08 Karl Rove, “the architect”, former senior advisor to President Bush, now a best selling author and Fox News analyst, joins us to discuss his role in Scott’s book “Grass Roots” and the political stories of the day including the debt limit battle, struggling economy and GOP Presidential race in 2012.

2:25 Open Phones

Jobless picture worsens in June, rate rises to 9.2%, dampening any recovery hopes, will eit doom Obama? Top advisor says the unemployment rate won’t be key in 2012, Carney backs, Romney calls for his resignation
Obama and Boehner talking big 10 year debt limit with social security & medicare reform on the table in addition to tax reform, Boehner stresses no deal is imminent & tax hikes are the only thing off the table, could a big deal get done in this political environment? Liberal spooked by entitlement reform, Berg says social security reform should be on the table, Obama looking to re-election for grand deal
Dayton’s essential staff during shutdown includes his personal chef and housekeeper (Zellers and Koch forgoing salary), public employees rally in Crookston for ending the shutdown backing Dayton and raising taxes on the rich gets media attention, surprise Mondale group suggests tax hikes to solve budget crisis, Pawlenty slams recommendations, Star Trib: care for elderly & disabled starts to show strain, are you seeing any effect from shutdown in your daily life? can you live without state government?
Sioux Hockey to bolt WCHA and form their own league for 2013-2014 season, right move?
Obama Administration to push for new gun control laws
Kent Conrad 50/50 budget unveil again held off by Harry Reid
Texas executes Mexican despite White House plea, UN says execution violated international law
DC and the Feds funded 300 abortions in 2 years
Should pork be bi-partisan? It is in North Dakota
90% of Obama travel at least partly political, cancels Montana vacation due to debt limit talks
Hoeven calls on Senate to create pro business economic climate, Glassheim wants him to be more moderate
How far up does ATF Mexican gun scandal go?

3:35 We’ll meet a tea party activist Becky Skogen who is featured in Scott’s new book who is now blogging after attending tea parties.

4:08 In our Franklin Friday look at new media, we’ll look at union support of recall efforts in Wisconsin following the Scott Walker showdown with Kevin Binversie, columnist with the Wisconsin Reporter.

4:35 An oil spill in Yellowstone River in Montana has led to wide speculation from enviromentalists and even Montana’s Governor that the spill had reached North Dakota despite officials finding no evidence of that. We’ll get to the bottom of it with Dr. Paul Boehm a consultant during Exxon’s Valdez oil spill who is now VP and senior scientist for Exponent Engineering and Scientific Consulting.

Rob Port

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