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2:08 Open Phones

What is common sense to you? Forum commenters get nasty on Scott’s book article
Jury defends Anthony verdict, evidence was strong but wanted more called stupidest jury ever. Should Casey Anthony make millions of media and book deals? OJ prosecutor says its worse than OJ
Obama calls negotiators to White House Thursday wants them to leave rhetoric at door & compromise aka spend more and raise taxes, McConnell says that won’t happen, Conrad releases Dem 50-50 budget, half tax increases and half spending reductions, Boehner and Obama met over weekend, Boehner warns Obama on talks, DeMint says White House
Bachmann: Obama thinks tea party is made of toothless hillbillies
Obamacare repeal and replace push fades
Mondale blames Pawlenty for fiscal mess of shutdown, Pawlenty fights back, Talks resume on shutdown, rest stops closed but prison inmates cable tv essential? Also still collecting taxes
Romney has big lead in NH poll, only candidate to beat Obama, Bachmann comes in 2nd, Romney makes $18.5 million first quarter campaign haul official
Obama holds Twitter town hall, White House uses Twitter to bash critics
Obama seeks clemency of Texas execution of illegal immigrant
Expert worry Montana oil spill may spread to Missouri River in ND
Obama willing to leave 10,000 in Iraq past deadline if Iraq wants

2:35 As we feature anecdotes featured in Scott’s book, Julie Liffig shares her story of a Kent Conrad townhall featured in “Grass Roots”

3:08 Open Phones

3:35 James Pethokoukis, Money & Politics columnist for Reuters Breakingviews, on how Obama made the economy worse with his stimulus and the debt limit battle.

4:08 Open Phones

4:35 Our daily chat with Gary Emineth former ND GOP Chairman on the ND tea party caucus events upcoming.

TOMORROW: Rusty Ouart and Michele Bachmann….FRIDAY: Becky Skogen and Karl Rove

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