Latest Palin Scandal: Sarah Had A Tanning Bed In Governor’s Mansion That May Have Cost $35,000

Or it might have cost like $3,000. And whatever the cost, she paid for it with her own money.
But whatever. This proves what a hypocrite Palin is for pretending to be someone who wouldn’t own a tanning bed.

On the campaign trail, Sarah Palin likes to brag about how she put the Alaska state jet on eBay and fired the governor’s personal chef. One item that doesn’t appear in her stump speech, however, is the personal tanning bed Palin had installed in the governor’s mansion.
This morning NarcoNews reported that that a tanning bed had been installed in the governor’s official residence in 2007, sourcing a Department of Transportation employee familiar with renovations at the mansion. This evening, Politico’s Ben Smith reported that Palin had paid for the tanning bed with her own money.
Now, Palin’s own gubernatorial spokesman Bill McCallister has confirmed to TPMmuckraker that a tanning bed had been installed in the governor’s official residence in 2007, and that it wasn’t paid for with state funds.
“She paid for it herself,” McCallister told TPMmuckraker. “It was surplus from a local athletic club.”
The news of Palin’s luxurious purchase — beds can cost as much as $35,000 — presents a sharp contrast to the blue-collar persona she projects on the campaign trail.

Don’t you just love how they exaggerate the cost of the tanning bed in a vain attempt to make Palin look like some sort of rich, hoity-toity snob? Yeah, tanning beds can cost as much as $35,000. But I know people here in North Dakota who have bought them for under $1,000. And you know what? One of the people who bought a bed was the wife of a plumber.
Meanwhile, Barack Obama is tooling around the country in his customized and personally branded 757 (complete with leather seats embroidered with the campaign’s logo) making stops to give speeches about how we should all stop driving our SUV’s and turn our thermostats down to conserve energy for the greater good.
But that damn Sarah Palin and her tanning bed. Just who does she think she is?

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