Kevin Cramer First ND House Candidate To Run Television Ads


It’s not surprising to see Kevin Cramer be the first ND House candidate on television with ads. Democrat candidate Pam Gulleson seems to be doing her best to hide in the long shadow being cast by Heidi Heitkamp’s ham-handed campaign, and Cramer’s competition for the Republican nomination on the June ballot – Brian Kalk – isn’t doing so hot in the area of fundraising.

Television is the most expensive sort of political advertising. If Kalk puts an ad on television it tells us his fundraising fortunes have improved (for right now Kalk is enjoying the NDGOP’s backing as the candidate endorsed at convention, though it’s unclear just how much help the party is).

Here’s Cramer’s ad:

I got a kick out of the way Cramer words things in the ad. He says he will balance the budget, and since he’s already approved dozens of pipelines as a Public Service Commissioner here in North Dakota, he will get the Keystone XL pipeline approved too. One almost gets the idea that we’d be electing him to a position more unilaterally influential than a House seat that represents one vote out of 435.

Still a strong message though, contrasting with Kalk’s sometimes muddled and bland campaign rhetoric.

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