Kent Conrad: Regulate Everything But How Much the Workers Are Overpaid

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Thursday night the senate considered the auto bailout bill. Since it was going nowhere Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee introduced an amendment to require the auto maker to lower the cost of labor to what their foreign branded competitors who are making cars profitably in the US are paying. This is something that needs to be done either by the bankruptcy judge or the lender in order for the car companies to survive.
Kent Conrad had a problem with that:

Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) told he does not believe it is the government’s role to tell companies what they must pay their employees.
“We can’t have Congress setting wage rates by statute,” said Conrad. “Think about the implications. When you get down to the question of Congress deciding what the wage rate or compensation should be, you have a problem. I don’t think that’s a direction in which Congress wants to go. I don’t think that’s going to work.”

What a phony. I mean this guy thinks that it’s his place to tell them what kind of cars they can build, how fuel efficient they should be. He wants to tell them how to build the cars “safe.”
Not only that but since when is it “governments role” to lend money to failing businesses. Don’t forget that this money will be taken by force from all of us (including my children) when it comes time to pay the bills.
In what political economic system does the government role include intervening in private enterprise like he wants to in the auto industry?
And of course Conrad’s statement is a lie in every way. Kent has never balked from telling private parties what they must pay their workers. Even in this interview after he said he was against the government telling business how much they can pay their workers he said that didn’t count for some:

Conrad said he does not have a problem with a requirement currently in the bill that bars the top 25 paid employees in each company from receiving incentives or bonuses, because that only affects the “upper echelons.”

So let’s get this straight. The ONLY people Kent Conrad’s worried about here are the greedy non-productive union workers. This is his vehicle to steal money from our children and give it to people that frankly don’t deserve it.
Kent Conrad’s a disgrace.