Kent Conrad Is “The King Of Legislative Vaporware”
[Kent Conrad is] the king of legislative vaporware, constantly signaling that he’s about to release some big plan than never seems to make it out the door so that it can actually be discussed in the light of day,” writes Nick Gillespie at Reason noting that Conrad is being something less-than-honest about his push to pass a bi-partisan budget.

“I’m not interested in furthering the political divide,” Conrad told Politico. “I am focused on getting a positive result for the American people. And I believe the best way to do that is to start in the middle with a plan that already has strong bipartisan support both in Congress and across the nation.”

So what did Senator Conrad introduce in his Senate Budget committee? The Simpson-Bowles budget plan. The thing is, that plan has already been voted on in the House and it failed by a wide, bi-partisan margin of 382 against and 38 for.

“If someone as vaunted and powerful and super-duper as Kent Conrad (so say all his press clippings) can’t push his party to slug out their vision of how much the feds should spend and tax in a given year, Congress doesn’t deserve any respect,” writes Gillespie.

I’ve been saying for a while that America’s budgeting process will be better for having Kent Conrad removed from it.

Rob Port

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