Keith Olbermann: Bush Administration Is A “Criminal Conspiracy”

I, personally, stopped caring what Keith Olbermann had to say the moment he stopped doing sports broadcasting full time. But in his most recent “special comment” (can they all be “special?”) he refers to the Bush administration as a “criminal conspiracy.”
That is an interesting turn of phrase, I think. If the Bush administration is truly a “criminal conspiracy,” what are the President and his minions conspiring to do? Make war? Certainly we can all agree that the President’s term in office would have been a lot easier had he gone the Clinton route and just fired a couple of cruise missiles into the middle east after 9/11 and called it good.
Which leads us to the topic of this particular “special comment.” Olbermann talks about the Bush “conspiracy” torturing people with water boarding, etc. But does anyone out there actually believe that the Bush administration is “conspiring” to torture people…just for fun? If Olbermann is going to engage in this sort of hyperbole should he not at least acknowledge that there is a higher goal in the administration’s actions? Namely, keeping the country safe from terrorist attacks?
People like Olbermann never talk about that because their intent is not to debate the merits of the Bush administration’s policies but rather to demonize the administration itself. Rather than portraying the situation as one of a Presidential administration using admittedly controversial tactics to further the goal of national security, Olbermann and his ilk portray the situation as one of “criminals” hurting people out of a simple lust for power.
That’s not political discourse. That’s hatred, and it’s why people like Olbermann aren’t worth listening to.

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