Kanye West Is A Racist Idiot

He called the President of the United States racist, but then turns around and says something like this:

Hip-hop star KANYE WEST is advising his white counterparts that they can only use certain slang terms when they’re out of style for black people.
The JESUS WALKS rapper – who recently charged that US President GEORGE W BUSH “doesn’t care” about African Americans – believes that certain slang words should only be able to cross racial barriers when they’re no longer in style for black people.
He says, “I think white people are allowed to say ‘bling’. They are allowed to say old-school black slang, like ‘hottie’ and ‘homie’.
“Actually, I do not think that (white people) are allowed to use slang until it is at least a year old. If you say a slang word too early, it’s like you’re trying to be black. So as long as the slang is a little played out, you’re all good.”

Yeah, maybe he’s joking. But still, what if David Duke said something similar about blacks? Would we be laughing then?
Heck, it wouldn’t even have to be David Duke. What if I said that blacks shoudn’t be allowed to listen to country music until its at least a year old because otherwise it would make it seems as though they’re trying to be white. Would I not be rightfully castigated as a racist idiot for a remark like that?
Sure I would, but people like Mr. West get let off the hook for that kind of stupidity.
Looks like not everyone likes what Mr. West has to say.
I’ve got some advice for him: Shut up and sing. Or rap. Or whatever it is you do.

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