Is The New Transsexual Police Commissioner In San Francisco The Right Woman For The Job?

You know, I’m not really sure just how I feel about this.
And no, no, I do not give a big fat rat’s behind whether or not Theresa Sparks – who was born male, was married and divorced with three children, served in the Army and is a Vietnam vet, etc., etc., – somewhere. sometime, somehow decided that he wanted to be a she. And did so. Everyone needs a goal after all. I’m not ambiguous about that at all. I don’t care.
I do not care about the homosexual implications of the whole thing. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again….what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms has absolutely no impact on me or my life. Have at it. Yee-ha! I’m not ambiguous about that, either. I don’t care.
And, finally, I don’t care that Theresa Spark’s real life business is being the CEO of one of the country’s largest sex toy companies, Good Vibrations. She gets points for the name of the company for sure.
The part that’s got me confused is the part where San Francisco has decided that Theresa Sparks should be their new Police Commissioner. Why am I confused? Is it because I don’t think she could do a good job? Nope. I don’t think her sexual choices or preferences have any real bearing on her qualifications to do the job. And I’m not surprised that San Francisco would choose her for the job. It’s San Francisco, after all.
Here’s why I’m confused:
Based on her qualifications added to all the above factors, I’m wondering if she would do a better job in Congress than the idiots we have there now? I mean, I never really considered the possibility of a Congress leaning that far left but, why not? Somebody with the drive of that person, the strength of character needed to subject themselved to the personal and professional grief that would necessarily accompany an out and out sex change and then accept a very public position like Police Commissioner KNOWING all this would come out, and not swallow a bottle of sleeping pills while they’re at it is someone you might want to consider hiring.
And, finally…..this person’s whole life is as transparent as fine glass, out there for all the world to see. Regardless of her kinks, quirks, and sexual peccadilloes (or maybe because of them) this person is probably more honest that half of our elected slime in Washington. Think about it. We’ve elected worse. Right now our government is filled with craven, crawfishing manipulators who would sell out their own mothers for a vote. Someone like Theresa Sparks would probably have more character than most of them rolled into one. And that’s why I’m confused. Yeesh.
Sort of refreshing in a weird sort of way, isn’t it?

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