Is That Big Brewing Scandal Everyone’s Been Talking About Hillary’s Lesbianism?

There’s been rumors flying all over the blogosphere today about some unseen “darkstar” political scandal that has yet to be made public. It has been said that the LA Times, specifically, has been sitting on it.
People at the Times are claiming no knowledge of it, but there are people starting to make a pretty good case for what all this whispering is all about.
Apparently, the rumor is that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian and has been having an affair with long-time aid Huma Abedin.
I have two reactions to this, I guess.
First, the “Hillary is a lesbian” thing has been rumored since Bill first took office in 1992. Which either means that this is yet another re-hashing of an old lie, or that there’s been some truth to those rumors all along.
Second, I wouldn’t really care if Hillary is a lesbian. I already dislike her as a candidate because of her political views. If she were conservative and a lesbian, I’d vote for her. But there is a real issue here that a lot of voters could take seriously if these rumors are true. The fact would be that her personal life is a lie, and that doesn’t speak terribly well for her character.
Of course, her something-less-than-honest character traits aren’t exactly headline news either given her and her husband’s problems with legal and ethical scandals their entire political careers.
Update: Some interesting info about Huma from the New York Observer:

She’s something of a mystery, even to the people who have worked in her proximity for years.
Very little is publicly known about her, which of course leaves plenty to talk about. And the rumors abound. According to various accounts from Huma acquaintances interviewed for this story: She’s Lebanese, she’s Jordanian, she’s Iranian, she’s 26, she’s 36, she has two children, she lives with the Clintons.
“No one knows anything about her,” said one political aide. “She’s like Hillary’s secret weapon.”

Doesn’t exactly make a person want to write all this off as a “vicious rumor” now does it?
To be fair to Hillary, though, how does a politician prove he/she isn’t gay? Leak a sex video?