Iowans Stared Into The Abyss, Saw Hillary Staring Back

With nearly
all Iowa precincts now reporting,
Hillary comes in third behind Obama and

Electability is what matters above all to Iowa Democrats, even before ideological
purity. This is a replay of ’04, where the front runner (Dean) stumbled then
fell when the prospect of that guy running against the Republicans frightened
Iowans into picking someone, anyone, who could possibly beat George Bush.

Hillary, with her sky-high negatives, was the opponent of choice for Republicans
in ’08, and Iowa Dems who want to win know that.

Is Hillary toast? No, far from it. Nor should she be toast. What, are we gonna
let a high school stadium full of Iowa caucasians(?) decide this election?

Update: The Politico chimes in with this quote:

“Everyone underestimated this conflagration,” said a former Clinton administration official.
“If people think he’s electable, they’ll vote with their hearts and not their minds.”

Iowans actually did vote with their minds by going for Obama and not Hillary. To know Hillary is to reject her.

Crossposted from Ken McCracken

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