Interesting: Poll Finds More People Concerned About Media Bias Than Campaign Contributions

media bias

North Dakota Democrats and their allies in the state media have been fighting a war on Republican campaign contributions. Whether it’s PSC candidate Brad Crabtree alleging (but not actually proving) ethical violations because he doesn’t understand what “consent of the governed” means, or the Fargo Forum singling out oil industry contributions (as opposed to, say, ag industry contributions) to candidates, the left in the state has made a beef out of this issue.

But according to a new national poll from Rasmussen, Americans are more concerned with media bias than they are with campaign contributions:

…a plurality (47%) of voters feels media bias is a bigger problem in politics today that big campaign contributions anyway. However, nearly as many (42%) now think big campaign contributions are a bigger problem. Four years ago, voters were more concerned about media bias and less concerned about campaign cash.

This isn’t to suggest that campaign contributions aren’t often a problem, or that they shouldn’t get scrutiny, just that most tend to see media bias as a much bigger problem.

Rob Port

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