In Nevada City California You Have To Get A Permit To Be Homeless


If you don’t want to be arrested in Nevada City, California for being homeless you’d better have your government-issued homelessness permit on you. At least if a new ordinance passes:

In an effort to manage the growing homeless population Nevada City, California, Police Chief Jim Wickham has advocated a new law that would hand out permits to a small group of homeless giving them permission to sleep in public.

“It just basically means you can’t set up a tent. You can’t live in your vehicle. You can’t live in the woods in Nevada City,” Wickham told CBS Sacremento of the new ordinance which the city council has adopted the first reading of.

Apparently the goal is to stop crime by homeless people. You see, the city doesn’t plan on giving homeless permits to the criminals. So, by not giving their permission to homeless criminals, the solve the crime problem among homeless people.


This is the same sort of logic which holds that we can eliminate crime by banning guns. Or make people skinnier by banning fast food.

It is ridiculous on it’s face.

Rob Port

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