In First Television Commercial Kevin Cramer Says He’ll Be “Rock Solid” On Economy


It may be a testament to just how comfortable Republican House candidate Kevin Cramer feels in his race that he rarely seems to mention his opponent Democrat Pam Gulleson. Aside from a letter to the Fargo Forum a couple of weeks ago rebutting Gullesons furious accusations about unethical campaign contributions, prompted it seems more by the fact that the Forum didn’t even bother to call Cramer for comment on the story they wrote about the accusations than anything else, Cramer doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about Gulleson at all.

She doesn’t merit a mention in his first television ad either, which is a positive piece talking about North Dakota’s economy and Cramer’s intent to keep it strong and growing.

Cramer’s in an enviable position. Every poll in this race so far has shown him with a comfortable lead, and Gulleson’s increasingly shrill accusations against Cramer (she most recently, and absurdly, accused him of breaking the state’s bribery laws) don’t seem to be getting a bit of traction. Frankly, they smack of desperate candidate in need of attention.

Which makes me wonder if there isn’t a lesson in the Gulleson/Cramer race for the Heitkamp/Berg race. North Dakotans love splitting the ballot between Republicans and Democrats, it’s true, but it’s hard to imagine Heitkamp performing as well as some of the hype in the Senate race would have us believe when Gulleson is evidently doing so poorly.

Rob Port

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