Hypocrites: Liberals Hated Halliburton, But What About Obama’s Cozy Relationship With The UAW?

I see that the never-ending controversy over Halliburton and the fictional “no-bid contracts” is heating up again. I’m not very interested in re-hashing that controversy again, but I will ask the liberals who have endlessly pursued that “scandal” this: If you’re incensed at the idea of the Bush administration giving Halliburton no-bid contracts, what about Obama carving up General Motors and Chrysler and giving over ownership of those companies to the United Auto Workers labor union?
What if George Bush had used the power of his office to take over some struggling defense contractor and then turned over a majority stock share to Halliburton? I think the left and the media would be apoplectic about it.
But Obama handing over two of the nation’s largest car companies to his political supporters at the United Auto Workers? That’s accepted without batting an eye.
Strange times we live in, no?

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