Hillary Will Garnish Your Wages If You Don’t Buy Healthcare

George Stephanopoulos had to ask her three times before he got an answer, but Hillary finally confesses that her socialized medicine plan will have an ominous-sounding “enforcement aspect” for people who don’t want to buy health care insurance.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Will you have fines for people who don’t have health care, who don’t go by the mandate? Will you garnish their wages?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me interrupt you there. … I still haven’t heard if people can afford it and they don’t buy the insurance will their wages be garnished? Will they have to pay fines?

STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to bear down on this question one more time…. Will you garnish wages of people who don’t comply, don’t buy the insurance?
SEN. CLINTON: George, we will have an enforcement mechanism. Whether it’s that or it’s some other mechanism through the tax system or automatic enrollments.

Forget about the cost of government-provided health care, which by itself would be such an enormous expense as to require massive tax hikes and widespread medical service rationing to be even feasible, can you imagine what the enforcement aspect would cost us? It would likely mean a whole new federal agency – likely under an existing branch of the federal government – that would exist for no other reason than to track down those of us who don’t have health insurance and then force us to pay for it.
In a country where tracking down people who aren’t citizens is a hassle, this seems like a boondoggle just waiting to happen.
And then there’s the question of freedom. Why can’t Americans choose to not carry health insurance? Sure that’s probably a bad decision in a lot of instances – I for one wouldn’t be caught without insurance – but does not freedom imply the right to make bad decisions as well as the right to make good ones? Some would respond by saying that people without health insurance end up driving up costs for the rest of us. But that’s a problem with a system of medical care that makes the collective responsible for the decisions of the individual.
To fix that, we need merely hold the individual responsible for the consequences of not having health insurance. But, of course, things like individual responsibility are anathema to liberals.

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