Hillary Clinton: How Dare You Call Universal Health Care Socialized Medicine

Hillary goes off on a reporter at the National Association of Black Journalists Presidential Forum for daring to call socialized medicine…well…socialized medicine.
Video here.
What do you think she’s angry about more, that she’s essentially being called a socialist or that a black man dared wander off the liberal plantation to question her “we liberals know what’s best for you” policies?
A couple of choice quotes from the accompanying article. First up, Hillary objecting to the “socialized medicine” label:

…the audience question came from a freelance writer named Kiara Ashanti, who wanted to know why the Democratic White House hopeful was pushing for, what he called, “socialized medicine.”
“Why are you still insisting upon moving that system in here when particularly it will hurt African American communities more than anyone else?” Ashanti asked.
“Oh, man – that was a string of misrepresentations about me and the systems in other countries,” Clinton began her response. “Number one, I have never advocated socialized medicine, and I hope all the journalists hear that loudly and clearly because that has been a right-wing attack on me for 15 years, and it is wrong.”

But, it’s not wrong. The health care system Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats support consists of taking wealth from everyone (or, more accurately, the top 50% of wage-earners who pay all the taxes) and redistributing it to everyone in the form of medical care. Wealth redistribution, put simply. And what is socialism if not wealth redistribution?
That Hillary and her fellow populist commissar-wannabes find this label inconvenient for their political agendas is neither here nor there.
Next, Hillary backs up her support for socialized medicine by championing…Medicare:

“Do you think Medicare is socialized medicine?” she challenged him. “To a degree it is,” Ashanti said. “Well, then you are in a small minority in America because Medicare has literally saved the lives and saved the resources of countless generations of seniors in our country.”
Clinton went on to champion Medicare, but criticize the U.S. as the only “advanced country” to have “so many of its citizens without health care.” She punctuated her answer with a stinging, yet cordial invitation to Ashanti: “I don’t know who you are. But you come introduce yourself to my staff and we will try to give you some information if you’re interested in being educated instead of being rhetorical.”

I’m not sure why Hillary is shown as winning this debate. She didn’t answer the guy’s question. All she did, basically, was call him stupid (or uneducated, to use her terminology) for not agreeing with her.
Regardless, I always have to chuckle when liberals hold up Medicare as an example of why we should have government-run medical care. Because, really, Medicare is probably one of the best arguments against government-run medicine there is.
This year alone Medicare is expected to cost this country some $540 billion, a figure President Bush is “trimming”, according to the media, by dampening it’s growth from a projected 8.1% to 7.7% annually. Meaning that we’ll still spend more than $540 billion on Medicaid next year and the year after that, just not as much more as previously projected.
Medicaid is also a gigantic expense for taxpayers, costing about $330 billion in 2005 alone, an amount that also, historically, grows at about a 7 – 8% yearly clip.
Together, Medicaid and Medicare represent a portion of our nation’s spending as a percentage of the GDP that is becoming enormous. It is projected to actually outpace the growth in Social Security spending we’re all so worried about:


For a group of people who would like us to believe that spending on the war in Iraq is unsustainable, they sure don’t have any qualms about spiraling entitlement expenses which are constantly burdening American tax payers with more and more taxes. Because to this observer, Medicare spending is unsustainable.
So know full well that when Hillary says she supports “universal health care” she has not a care about the gigantic, irresponsible expense it would represent for this country.

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