Higher Education Board President Says Notre Dame Joined Hockey East Because of the Sioux Name

This guy gives buffoons a bad name.

In addition to the risk of losing affiliation with the Big Sky and potential scheduling and recruitment problems, Shaft said he believes that Notre Dame’s recent decision to affiliate with Hockey East — and not the new National Collegiate Hockey Conference that includes UND — was due in part to UND’s being on sanctions because of the ongoing nickname fight.

Actually Grant it was the TV deal that our new division wouldn’t work with them on.

College Hockey News: Notre Dame had a preference for the NCHC because of its Western footprint, but the NCHC ultimately decided it didn’t want to accept Notre Dame with its TV deal in tow.

You really have to be arrogant or stupid to interject the Sioux nickname controversy into the Notre Dame decision. But then that’s what we get from the higher education in this state. They don’t care what the public thinks. All we are is a flock of sheep for them to fleece to benefit those that work for the University system.

On a related topic, UND President Kelley urged the legislature to let the drop the nickname in it’s upcoming session. Considering the fact that the Big Sky Conference said they’d blackball us if we kept the name that’s not an unreasonable position. However in his speech it seems that he failed to acknowledge our friends and neighbors of the Spirit Lake Tribe that want us to keep the name.

That really irks me that Kelley sitting in his ivory tower clearly has contempt for the opinions of those on the reservation. As far as I can tell he’s refused every offer to meet with actual Indians that are supposedly to be saved by the anti Indian rules of the NCAA. Certainly he failed to invite them as he flew down to Bismarck on the University’s luxury plane to testify against the name. He also seems to have not insisted that members of the Tribe be brought along to the meeting with the NCAA.

Kelley and Shaft, drop your superiority complexes and actually listen to the people of the Tribe. You might actually learn something.

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