Here’s A Thought: If The Federal Government Mandates Health Insurance What Do The Amish People Do?

Senator John Ensign got written confirmation from the Democrats that you could be put in jail if you don’t sign up for insurance under the health care plan they’re pushing through Congress. Tonight as I listened to the Mark Levine show (which is on right before my own radio show) I heard a caller make a point I haven’t heard anyone make yet:
If the Democrats mandate health insurance, meaning it’s illegal to go without, what do people like the Amish (who have a religious objection to insurance) do? What about other belief systems that object to insurance? Are we going to put all the Amish people in jail? What about their 1st amendment rights to practice their religion freely? Is that trumped by the desire of liberals to make everyone pay for everyone else’s health care?
I don’t think the federal government has the Constitutional authority to force us to buy anything. I certainly don’t think the government should be able to throw us in jail for objecting to buying health insurance based on religious beliefs.

Curmudgeonly sesquipedalian.

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