Heitkamp The Hypocrite Flip-Flops On Election Day Campaigning


When former NDGOP Chairman Gary Emineth filed a lawsuit challenging North Dakota’s ban on election day campaigning Democrats were quick to come out in favor of the law, opposing Emineth’s efforts.

Heidi Heitkamp, in particular, was outspoken in her support. “Heitkamp says no matter what the outcome of the lawsuit, North Dakota candidates should give people a break from campaigning on the day that most people go to vote,” reported the Associated Press.

Heitkamp isn’t living up to those words now, though. A judge has issued an injunction setting aside the law this election day, ruling rightly that it’s certainly unconstitutional, and now the Heitkamp campaign is bombarding the Fargo market with radio ads according to a Fargo-based reader:

I applaud Heidi Heitkamp (along with Democrat PSC candidate Brad Crabtree) for exercising her right to free speech on election day. I just wish she wasn’t such an enormous hypocrite about it.

Rob Port

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