Heitkamp Says Democrat Convention Doesn’t Represent What She Believes, Endorses Lack Of Budget


Chris Berg had liberal Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp on his show this evening and asked her about the chaos at her party’s convention over their platform.  After the media picked up the fact that references to God and Jerusalem were removed from the platform, party leadership rammed them back into the platform shouting down loud shouts of protest from the floor.

Later party leaders, ridiculously, claimed that there was no dissent to the platform changes.  Which is ridiculous to anyone who saw the video.

When asked about the disaster, Heitkamp (who skipped her party’s convention and has lately taken to referring to herself as an “independent”) said “it wasn’t anything I was proud of.”  She then tried to shift the issue to the Ryan budget, but Berg persisted and Heitkamp claimed she “hadn’t read” her party’s platform and doesn’t really care what’s in it.

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A political party’s platform is a statement of what that party believes in. Really, it’s a statement about why the party exists. Political parties were created, and are maintained, to elect certain political leaders who adhere to a certain set of ideas and principles which is represented by the platform.

What Heitkamp is telling us is that she doesn’t care what her party stands for. Because we’re supposed to believe she’s an independent and stuff. Something that’s hard to believe given that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Super PAC aren’t spending millions of dollars on Heitkamp’s race so that she’ll go to Washington DC and be an “independent.”

If Heitkamp wants to be an independent so bad, if she cares so little for her party’s platform, then why doesn’t she leave her party and actually run as a, you know, independent?

The answer, of course, is because Heitkamp isn’t an independent. She’s a liberal Democrat pretending to be an independent to get elected.

Between Heitkamp’s Sarah Palin impression at the debate earlier this week, and the way she’s been running away from her party, this “independent” stuff has got to be wearing a little thin with voters.

By the way, Heitkamp’s contortions to put distance between herself and the party she’s a member of (not to mention the President and the Senate Majority Leader she’s already said she’d vote for) wasn’t the worst part of that interview. The worst part of that interview was when, after she started carping about the Ryan budget, Berg pointed out that Democrats haven’t put in place a budget at all in years.

Heitkamp suggested that not passing a budget at all was better than passing the Ryan budget. And this coming from someone who says she’s going to Washington DC to end partisanship.


Rob Port

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