Heitkamp Breaks Campaign Promise In Not Standing Up To Obama On Keystone


There is a growing war of words between North Dakota Senator John Hoeven and President Barack Obama. Hoeven fired back when Obama laughed off job creation numbers for the Keystone pipeline. Now that the Obama administration has announced that, after years of consideration, they still don’t have a definite timeline for giving approval to the pipeline, setting the stage for more delays for the beleaguered project, Hoeven is firing back again.

And he’s not alone. Per the press release below, Senator Hoeven is joined in calling on President Obama to avoid further delays for approval by Democrat Senators Max Baucus and Mary Landrieu, as well as Republican John Thune.

But what’s interesting is the voice missing in criticizing President Obama: Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

To be clear, Heitkamp continues to voice support for Keystone. She traveled to Alberta recently to see oil development at what would be the beginning of the Keystone project, but she’s said nothing in response to her fellow Democrat in the White House belittling the economic importance of the Keystone project and announcing further delays in approval.

That runs contrary to her campaign for the Senate last year in which she specifically promised to “stand up” to President Obama on this specific issue.

Heitkamp’s silence in response to President Obama’s incessant sandbagging of this important energy infrastructure is a broken campaign promise, pure and simple.

Hoeven Keystone Press Release by Rob Port

Rob Port

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