Heidi Heitkamp Picks SEIU/Occupy Wall Street Activist As State Director


Heidi Heitkamp may have campaigned as a right-of-center, “moderate” Democrat but it’s pretty clear she’s going to govern from left field. At least judging by who she is picking as her staff.

As state director, Heitkamp has picked former SEIU union activist Ryan Nagle. His past assignments for the SEIU have been opposing “right to work” law in Minnesota (Nagle thinks “employee freedom” sounds Orwellian), and promoting Obamacare here in North Dakota as a part of the union’s “Change That Works” initiative.

Nagle served as a plant during one of Earl Pomeroy’s phony teleconference “Obamacare” town halls back in 2009, and he represented the SEIU in a coalition that hosted a pro-Obamacare rally in August of 2009 which was headlined by none other than Heidi Heitkamp herself.

As an activist for the SEIU in Minnesota, Nagle was supportive of the Occupy Wall Street movement (here’s a post he put up on the Minnesota SEIU’s website detailing the union’s support for the violent, thuggish movement). You can read a laundry list of Nagle’s far-left, pro-Occupy Wall Street writings on the SEIU Minnesota site here.

Since North Dakota is a staunchly right-to-work state that, in poll after poll, has voiced strong opposition to Obamacare and didn’t have much truck with the Occupy Wall Street movement (North Dakota was too busy, you know, working) you’d think Heitkamp would have picked someone more in line with her constituents’ views for such a prominent position.

Heitkamp has a long time before she has to worry about re-election – six years! – so she has a long time to put that very, very narrow election-day victory behind her. But even so, you wouldn’t think she’d want to start her time in office by taking a sharp left-hand turn out of the gates.

Update: The Occupy Wall Street movement officially endorses Heitkamp’s pick.

Rob Port

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