Heidi Heitkamp Isn’t Satisfied With The Size Of Her Office


Apparently North Dakota’s new Senator Heidi Heitkamp thinks her office is too small. She says it’s “cozy,” and would like her predecessor Kent Conrad to come and pick up his charts so that she has enough room for her staff.

Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise to hear what Conrad’s North Dakota Democratic successor, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, encountered when she moved into his office. Here’s how she described it while speaking at Wednesday night’s Washington Press Club Foundation dinner.

“It’s a bit cozy,” she said, although she noted – with a look at Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah – “certainly not big enough to live in.”

One culprit? Conrad’s charts, of course! “We’re waiting for Kent Conrad to come pick up his charts,” Heitkamp said, “so we can actually hire staff.”

I’ve actually been to Senator Conrad’s office (now Heitkamp’s office) and it’s pretty big. I wouldn’t care to make an estimate of the square footage, but it never seemed like Conrad had a problem sharing the space with his staff. And a dog.

But then, Conrad’s ego isn’t nearly as large as Heitkamp’s.

Rob Port

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