Heidi Heitkamp Fundraising Outside North Dakota With Anti-Fossil Fuel Democrats


So far in this election cycle liberal Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp has received most of her campaign support from out of state (meanwhile, her opponent Rick Berg has received three times more funding from inside North Dakota than Heitkamp). And it doesn’t look like this trend will be changing for Heitkamp any time soon.

Yesterday Heitkamp was the beneficiary of an $800/plate fundraiser hosted at a Manhattan law firm by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. That would be the same Kirsten Gillibrand who is a consistent vote against the fossil fuel energy industry, including a recent vote against Senator John Hoeven’s amendment authorizing the Keystone Pipeline and support for total federal control over fracking:

With just five weeks until her own re-election, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is in New York City today to fundraise — for other Democratic women.

The money raised today at Gillibrand’s $800-per-plate lunch will be split evenly among four female senate candidates — Nevada’s Shelley Berkely, North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp, Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin, and Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono. Gillibrand’s campaign expects to raise $250,000 at the event, hosted at a law firm in midtown Manhattan, her spokesman, Glen Caplin, said.

Today Heitkamp heads to Washington DC where she will be hob-knobbing with big-shot lobbyists including a member of the Obama transition team and a key negotiator in cap and trade legislation:

North Dakota Democratic Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp is headed to Washington on Tuesday for a fundraising brunch. The event is drawing several downtowners to co-host, including Drew Fields of Mercury Strategies, Marissa Mitrovich of Verizon, Brian Peters and Matt Tanielian of Franklin Square Group, Louisa Terrell of Facebook, Jeff Trammell of Trammell and Co. and Frannie Wellings of Google.

Just to prove that there are wheels within wheels in the Washington DC power circuit, Frannie Wellings was a staffer to former Senator Byron Dorgan (a big proponent of net neutrality policies) before she went to work for Google (also a big proponent of net neutrality).

But I digress.

What’s interesting is that even as Heitkamp, the former EPA lawyer, claims that she’s going to be an “independent voice” for North Dakota interests in Washington DC she is supported by people who clearly don’t have North Dakota’s interests in mind. In addition to supporters for federal regulation of fracking and cap and trade, Heitkamp continues to refuse to return contributions from an anti-fracking law firm even after calls to do so from oil patch leaders in the western part of the state.

Which is par for the course with Heitkamp. She says she’ll be an independent in Washington, yet Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has spent millions on getting her elected. It seems that Heitkamp wants to say one thing in North Dakota and do something else entirely in Washington DC.

That sort of disconnect between words in North Dakota and action in Washington DC is what ended the careers of Rep. Earl Pomeroy and senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad. North Dakotans just weren’t buying it any more.

Shame on us if we let Heitkamp fool us like we were fooled in the past.

Update: Get this: Heitkamp will also be fundraising with a self-described “bearded Marxist”, Senator Chris Coons. Who, as it happens, also supports cap-and-trade.

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