Heidi Heitkamp Creates Dakota Prairie PAC


Senator-elect Heidi Heitkamp, who spent a good deal of her time on the campaign trail carping about money in politics, hasn’t used her first days in Congress to speak out on the issues she said she’d stand up for. She’s been silent on the federal government’s decision to take millions of acres of land off the table for oil development. She’s not yet joined Senator Hoeven in demanding action from President Obama on the Keystone XL pipeline. And even though Heitkamp was outspoken about partisan gridlock over budget matters during her campaign, she hasn’t said a word about her party making it clear that they won’t be passing a budget next year either.

But one thing Heitkamp has had time to do is get her own personal leadership PAC all set up. It’s never too early to start raking in that political money now that Heitkamp is going off to Washington DC, I guess.

It’s funny how priorities change for politicians once they’re off the campaign trail.

Here’s the FEC filing sent in by Bismarck attorney Thomas Dickson.

Heitkamp Leadership PAC Filing

Rob Port

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