Harry Reid: Supreme Court Striking Down Obamacare Would Be Good For Democrats


The Democrats are clearly not very confident in Obamacare’s chances before the Supreme Court, described as a “train wreck” yesterday by one reporter, and so now are busy trying to spin an impending loss into a victory.

It’s hard to see how the Supreme Court ruling unconstitutional a very controversial and unpopular health care law is going to help Democrats. I guess you could say that it will allow them to say “we tried” to their liberal base and move on to other issues. And there may be some truth in that. Will Republican voters be as willing to get out the vote in November if the Supreme Court strikes down one of their biggest motivations for unelecting Obama this summer?

It could be, though I think conservatives will find plenty of other reasons to vote against Obama, if not necessarily for whoever the GOP nominee ends up being.

But it’s really going to depend on just how the Supreme Court goes about striking down Obamacare (if that is their ultimate ruling). If they strike down the entirety of the law, it’s a major victory for conservatives. If they only trike down the individual mandate, though, they’ll leave in place a lot of government control over health insurance and health care that liberals can take solace in. The government, in that scenario, might not be able to force us to buy health insurance, but when we do buy health insurance the government could still control what we buy.

That really wouldn’t be much of a victory for conservatives. We need the Supreme Court to strike down the entire law. Or, short of that, we need a Republican majority to repeal the law in toto.

Rob Port

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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