Gun Control Fails Again As Ex-Convict Uses Blaze To Lure Firefighters To Slaughter


Over the holiday a horrific story came out of Webster, New York, about a violent ex-convict named William Spengler (originally put in jail for murdering his grandmother with a hammer) who set fire to his sister’s home (he apparently murdered her too) to lure in firemen so he could shoot them.

He succeeded, killing three volunteer firefighters and wounding a few others while burning seven homes and ultimately killing himself on a beach nearby. He left a note which read that he had put the plan in motion to “do what I like doing best, killing people.”

This is an awful crime, all the more so for the fact that it targets our everyday hero first responders, and the media is making much of the fact that one of the weapons being used was a “military-style assault weapon” of the same sort used by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook Elementary murders.

More fuel for the gun control argument, except that it was gun control policies which specifically failed in this crime. The State of New York already has an assault weapons ban in place which makes illegal semi-automatic shotguns as well as semi-automatic handguns and rifles with detachable ammunition clips. That would include the .223 Bushmaster Spengler reportedly used to murder the firemen.

That gun was already illegal under the sort of “assault weapons ban” Democrats would like to institute nationally, but that didn’t matter much to a criminal like Spengler.

What’s more, Spengler was a convicted felon (again, he served 17 years for murdering his grandmother) for whom the purchase and/or possession of any gun (including the pump-action shotgun and .38 revolver he also used) was illegal. Yet, gun control policy failed in that instance too.

Because you know who doesn’t abide by gun control policies? Criminals of the sort who use guns to murder other people.

Rob Port

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