Gulleson Is Almost Incoherent On National Spending


Liberal house candidate Pam Gulleson visited Minot yesterday and talked about national spending. And if you can make any sense out of what she’s saying, I’ll give you a dollar:

“We want to limit government. We want to make sure it’s not too intrusive in our lives, but there is a time where we really need to look to it to help us to bring resources,” she said.

She suggested Congress look at where it is spending money when it attempts to reduce the debt and deficit, which she considers major concerns for the country. A checkbook can say a lot about a person’s priorities, she said.

“If you look at the federal budget, it really should not be much different. It should represent those things that we really value as a country obviously, people, family, education, infrastructure,” she said. “We have sort of forgotten to invest in ourselves.”

Paying off debts to other countries takes away from the ability to invest in this country and its people, she said.

“As you look at how to resolve budget deficits,” she said, “keep your eye on the prize and remember what it takes to move this country forward. We have to get back to the business of that. That’s the only way we will compete long-term and the only way we will start really expanding this economy again.”

So we need to limit government, but also “invest” more in America. We need to reduce deficits by keeping our “eye on the prize” and remembering “what it takes to move this country forward.”

Whatever all that needs.

I guess this is what it sounds like when a free-spending liberal like Gulleson tries to portray herself as fiscally conservative. During her time in the legislature Gulleson voted for a 25% increase in state income taxes as well as two sales tax hikes. That doesn’t sound like a political leader with a desire to limit government to me.

Rob Port

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