Guest Post: The North Dakota Tea Party Is Alive And Well

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I often get asked if the Tea Party is still alive in North Dakota, being there have not been big rallies or events for the media to pick up on. The reality is the ND Tea Party Caucus has been very alive and impacting the political scene in ND! It has just been under the radar and working where it counts.

Here is a quick update of what has happened over the past year.

The district caucus in January generally had half a dozen to a dozen people in attendance who make all the decisions. All across the 47 North Dakota districts in 2012 the attendance skyrocketed with District 10 taking the applause with over 200 people in attendance! As a result some 70 plus Tea Party affiliates are in district positions or were running for office across the state!

The Republican Convention in March/April had a record attendance with more NEW Delegates than ever before and yes the NDTPC had an influence on the election outcomes.

In the recent primary there were many wins influenced by the NDTPC. In October of 2011 the executive committee targeted four specific districts where changes were needed. In all but one the NDTPC was successful! Congratulations to Joe Miller in District 10, Nathan Toman in Mandan, District 34 (we publicly came out in February 2012 asking for Rae Ann Kelsch of Dist. 34 to not run again), Bernie Satrum in Jamestown District 12. In the fourth targeted District we were unable to find a candidate to run.

A quick note, the NDTPC does not endorse candidates at the state level, per our charter. Local district tea party members can support a local candidate for district, county, or city office. Local citizens came together and worked with others in their districts to support these candidates with feet on the ground. In other words they got actively involved in the system!

For an organization that took an active role in its first election cycle I think you would agree, it has been a successful year! Thank you all that got involved, contributed or did what you could, we can be very proud of our efforts.

It is now the middle of June with elections coming in November, leaving us 18 weeks to make another difference! With even more involvement we can assure more fiscally and constitutionally based emphasis is placed on those who hope to represent us both in North Dakota as well as Washington. We have made fantastic progress, yet the battle is not yet won! Get involved with the candidates in your district and at the state level as well. Get educated on the candidates, the issues and how they stand. Then get behind them and assure your values are represented!

There is more planned for the next several months and we will keep you notified. Please feel free to voice your thoughts, ideas and challenges to us so we can work together to Take Our Country Back! Visit our website at

Leon Francis is the President of the North Dakota Tea Party Caucus.

Leon Francis is the President of the North Dakota Tea Party Caucus.

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