Guest Post: Politics At Its Worst


Before the ink was dry on Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, the Democrat endorsed candidate for the US House was out scaring our seniors. Of course, she is running as a “moderate” so she gave some vague talking point about the need to get the budget under control, but then quickly shifted to the tried and true political game of class warfare and scaring our senior citizens.

A couple of days later in Minot this same candidate pandered to students at Minot State University. She again gave the vague talking point about the need to cut spending (some ‘to be named later’ budget cuts) but then said she does not support any cuts to higher education grants, Head Start or the Department of Education budget.

Her position comes from a party that has not produced a budget in the Senate for nearly 1,100 days. The Democrat strategy is clear – talk about the need to cut spending, but offer no specifics. Then, pander to whatever group you are speaking to and promise that those future budget cuts will come from ‘somewhere else’. Apparently they still follow Nancy Pelosi’s advice paraphrased here: We have to vote for the Democrats before we can find out what they will cut.

Add the manufactured wedge issue of a “GOP War on Women” and you have the Democrat ‘politics as usual’ campaign strategy. Their strategy is all about division, winning elections and regaining power. In their minds, if we continue to pile up debt, so be it. It appears they believe that if we can shred the Constitution and eliminate individual liberty, all the better. This is politics at it worst.

Paul Ryan and his conservative colleagues in the US House are leading and they know the risks. But they also know that the survival of our country is at stake and that we will not save this country for our children until we cut spending, including entitlement reform. Time is short and I appreciate principled leadership over the Democrat ‘business as usual’ political strategy.

That is why I am running for the US House – I want to join the patriots who are standing on principle and leading.

I have traveled around North Dakota talking to people and I am optimistic. The people see right through word games the Democrats are using. We are winning and the Democrats are desperate. Take comfort from knowing that you are not alone.

Rep. Bette Grande represents the Fargo area in the North Dakota legislature. She is also a candidate for the NDGOP nomination for US House.

Bette Grande

Bette Grande is a former state lawmaker from Fargo.

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