GSA Emails Show White Didn’t Want Solyndra Touched “With A Ten Foot Pole”


The Government Services Administration has been making a lot of headlines lately regarding their luxurious events thrown for public workers at the taxpayer’s expense, but the fallout from those scandals have revealed something interesting about another scandal.

The Solyndra scandal, specifically:

Emails from the office of an Obama appointee forced to resign over the GSA scandal indicate that the administration was aware of Solyndra’s looming money woes prior to the company’s bankruptcy.

Internal GSA emails show that the White House blocked ex-General Services Administrator Chief Martha Johnson from visiting the failed solar giant’s facilities, according to emails distributed by the RNC.

“WH made it very clear they didn’t want us touching them [Solyndra] with a 10 foot pole,” a GSA press secretary said in an email to a colleague.

Johnson, who resigned after news of the GSA’s $800,000 conference extravaganza broke, is in a position to do a lot of hurt to the Obama administration. She’s got nothing to lose now, and new revelations about Solyndra would take some of the limelight off the problems at the GSA.

Rob Port

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