Grand Forks Schools Building a $20 Million Dollar Theater, Taxpayers Can’t Afford the $21 Library Mahal

A commenter had a great point. Just recently the Grand Forks School Board decided that we need a new theater at Red River. They also approved a project at the Central High School theater.

Those two projects which the taxpayer is going to start paying for added up to around $20 million.

Now many of the same people think that we need to spend $21 million to build the library. In both cases it’s “for the children.” Although the Library Mahal proponents are also claiming it’s for senior citizens so they can learn Facebook.

Add that to the Wellness Center which many of the taxpayers donated to that’s going to cost around $20 million. Of course that project like the others are going to wind up costing us more.

So the public is already supporting two new mega projects.

When will the greed of the city leaders stop? Dumb question. Greed is in their DNA. The only thing that will stop it will be getting new city leaders.

Tell these guys no. We can’t afford to cater to your every whim.

I'm a Grand Forks native and alumni of North Dakota. I want to be Rob Port when I grow up.

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