Governor John Hoeven Up For Mustache Of The Year Award

In the most exciting news to come out of North Dakota’s Senate race to date (a race in which Governor Hoeven is trouncing challenger Tracy Potter by the largest margin of any Senate race in the country), John Hoeven has been nominated as a finalist in the American Mustache Institute’s “Mustache of the Year” award.

When North Dakota Governor John Hoeven announced that he was running for the US Senate, questions rose whether his mustache, which has warmed his upper lip for more than 27 years, would need to be shaved. Undaunted, Hoeven proudly shows his flavor saver on billboards all over North Dakota. If elected, he will become only the second Mustached American male in the U.S. Senate.

Flavor saver?


Anyway, I don’t know what’s funnier. The “Mustache of the Year” award or Fargo Forum reporter Kristen Daum’s breathless bragging about the Forum’s, um, “chronicling” of the Governor’s mustache:

Back in January, The Forum chronicled the uniqueness of Hoeven’s ‘stache in a political world where a clean-shaven face often translates into public perception.

It’s a flipping mustache. We’re running a $13 trillion national debt, and facial hair is making headlines.

But hey, I guess there’s not a lot else going on in the Senate race to talk about.

Anyone else wishing Hoeven had a real challenger to make this a real race?

Rob Port

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