Governor Dalyrmple Touts Crony Capitalism, Keystone Pipeline In GOP Weekly Address

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalyrmple was tapped to deliver the GOP’s weekly address this week. Not surprisingly, given North Dakota’s oil boom and the importance of the Keystone XL pipeline to the state’s oil industry and overall economy, Governor Dalrymple chose to talk about energy issues.

Governor Dalrymple (and to an even greater degree Senator John Hoeven) deserve a lot of credit for fighting the good fight on the Keystone pipeline.

Again, I’m glad for the Governor’s stand on Keystnoe, but he spends a lot of time spouting the usual pablum we’ve come to expect from him about North Dakota’s fiscal prudence and strong economy.

“Where I live, we run government with common sense,” says Governor Dalrymple as if North Dakota’s budget hadn’t been growing at a faster rate than the federal budget over the last decade.

“We have created a friendly business climate in North Dakota, where…the regulatory environment is very reasonable,” says Governor Dalrymple as if it weren’t taking two months to get a business registration approved by the Secretary of State these days.

And you know the Governor can’t talk about jobs in North Dakota without trying to rob some credit from the oil boom.

“We have thousands of job openings in North Dakota today, but almost every day the national media asks me if it isn’t all due to the oil boom in Northwestern North Dakota,” says Governor Dalrymple. “I enjoy telling them the county with the most job openings is not among western oil counties but is the county surrounding Fargo, our largest city and on the opposite side of the state.”

I don’t doubt that Fargo is seeing some non-oil-related job growth in Fargo, but let’s face it. A lot of the companies operating in the Bakken are basing their offices out of Fargo. Just because a job is created in Fargo doesn’t mean it’s not oil-related.

And here’s something that’s really angering: According to the Governor, “Our technology parks around our research universities create great jobs by the thousands.”

That would be the same sort of technology park that double-dipping state Senator Tony Grindberg is heading up at NDSU, where he’s billing swanky meals and his country club membership to the state’s non-profit corporation. The same one that saw the collapse of Alien Technology, taking millions in taxpayer funds with it.

Dalrymple spends a lot of time complaining about President Obama and the Democrats. Yet under Governor Dalrymple, and former Governor Hoeven who was Dalrymple’s boss previously, North Dakota has grown spending faster than the federal government and engaged in the same sort of government “investment” in crony capitalism deals that is downright Solyndra-esque.

That’s…a little embarrassing. At the national level Republicans are trying to push back against Obama’s overspending and “investment” in government-created job, and here’s Jack Dalrymple touting big spending (though, admittedly, not deficit spending) and…government-created jobs.

Rob Port

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