Glenn Reynolds Corrects His Michael Ware Post

Glenn thinks that the video from Raw Story (which I posted earlier) vindicates Michael Ware. I fail to see how that can be true.
As I said in my earlier post, Ware isn’t visible throughout most of the video. The camera is focused on the podium or specifically on whatever journalist is asking a question, and there is no microphone covering the audience’s reactions.
Second, even when Ware is visible it’s from the back. His facial expressions can’t be seen.
Third, Ware is seen to begin asking a question at the end of the press conference just as the video ended. We don’t know what happens after that.
I agree with Glenn that bloggers should always strive for accuracy in their posts and be diligent in correcting their posts when something turns out to be wrong, but I fail to see how this video is an exoneration of Ware.

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