Georgia Dems Nearly Broke While Obama Sucks in the Cash

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution comes word that the Georgia Democrat party is in serious financial and organizational trouble:

On Saturday, the chief of staff of the (Democrat) party, Page Gleason, handed in her resignation. The letter announcing her decision included these lines:

“I have dedicated my adult life to fighting for the Democratic Party and its ideals throughout the State of Georgia. The situation at the Democratic Party of Georgia, however, has made it impossible for me to continue serving effectively as your Executive Director… I strongly recommend that the Executive Committee and the By-laws Committee review the sections of the Democratic Party of Georgia by-laws…. A thoughtful review and additional wording would more clearly define the role each plays within the Party so that individuals who serve as State Chair, Executive Director, and members of the Executive Committee may effectively lead the Democratic Party of Georgia in the future.”

… Minutes from the previous day’s “wildcat” meeting of the executive committee include the following regarding state party treasurer Russell Edwards’ report:

“Mr Edwards distributed a document showing cash balances for several months, beginning with February 2011, ending with February 22, 2012. A budget was not presented. He explained the dire financial situation of the organization. Upon review and discussion of the document it was generally agreed that the current financial approach was unsustainable.

Considering the current balances and previous revenue trends, funds are available for approximately 30 days of expenses. Discussion continued regarding monthly expenses, an explanation of the Call Center/Canvassing program, the lack of Executive Committee approval for new hires outside of standard budget, and other financial matters. Inquiries were made regarding hiring. Mr Edwards and Mr Hadley asked to limit discussion to specifics.”

Meanwhile, down the road a piece, in Orlando, Obama was raking in the cash at a $30,000 per plate fund-raiser:

An All-Star lineup of current and former NBA stars – including Magic Johnson, Alonzo Mourningand, NBA Commissioner David Stern — (met) with President Obama for a $30,000-a-plate fundraiser at the (actual) home court of Dallas Mavericks guard Vince Carter in his Isleworth mansion…

(The NBA stars’) dollars will add to the $3.7 million Floridians already have given to Obama’s reelection effort, according to the Center for Responsive Politics — a haul that Obama will add to today with two fundraisers in Miami before he arrives in Orlando shortly after 8 p.m.

From 40 to 70 guests are expected at Carter’s home, and organizers hope to raise at least $1.2 million. The first $5,000 of each donation will go to Obama’s campaign and the rest will be routed to the Democratic National Committee…

(Obama’s) nine-hour visit to Florida includes an “official event” — a speech on the economy at the University of Miami — which means taxpayers will foot the cost of his travel from Washington aboard Air Force One. The jumbo jet costs $181,757 per hour to operate, according to an Air Force estimate given to the National Taxpayers Union.

But after the speech, Obama will spend the rest of his time fundraising, including stops at the Biltmore Hotel and the home of influential attorney Chris Korge.

Apparently, Obama and the Dems are willing to write off any chance of winning the state of Georgia come November, and presumably the rest of the South as well. Question: Is the Georgia Democrat party situation an isolated incident, or are state organizations being deliberately ignored and left to whither in favor of Obama’s reelection campaign?

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