Gallup: Majority Say Health Care Shouldn’t Be Government’s Responsibility


“For the first time in Gallup trends since 2000, a majority of Americans say it is not the federal government’s responsibility to make sure all Americans have healthcare coverage.,” reports Gallup. “Prior to 2009, a majority always felt the government should ensure healthcare coverage for all, though Americans’ views have become more divided in recent years.”

Here’s the trend line on the poll. You’ll note that the shift occurs right around the time President Obama took office and started pushing Obamacare:

It’s mostly Republicans and independents who are responsible for the shift, but a 10% drop in support for government health care solutions among Democrats is nothing to sneeze at either:

Republicans, including Republican-leaning independents, are mostly responsible for the drop since 2007 in Americans’ support for government ensuring universal health coverage. In 2007, 38% of Republicans thought the government should do so; now, 12% do. Among Democrats and Democratic leaners there has been a much smaller drop, from 81% saying the government should make sure all Americans are covered in 2007 to 71% now.

What people are learning is that, while health insurance and health care are an expensive mess, government solutions to those problems are only going to make things worse. Getting insurance/care is going to be a more complicated process under Obamacare. The mandates Obamacare puts in place on doctors and insurance companies are going to make things more, not less, expensive. And flexibility insurance/care consumers might enjoy is going to be ended.

The surest thing to change people’s minds about government-run health care is exposure to government-run health care.

Rob Port

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