Fortunately, I Keep My Feathers Numbered For Just Such An Occasion

It’s over. That’s one tiny slice of silver lining in all this. The Endless Campaign From Hell is over. Yay.
Can’t say I like the way it turned out, but, oh well.
I feel like Foghorn Leghorn today. Some of you out there will remember the Warner Brothers cartoon rooster who continually had his plans blow up in his face. Literally. He’d then pick up his feathers, telling us that he keeps them numbered for just such an occasion and, mustering what dignity he had left, would wander away to plot again.
So….let’s pick up some feathers.
Obama won, but there must be a bright side in there somewhere. Let’s see….
The Dems didn’t get their 60 seat, filibuster proof majority. Did they?
The media will be happy and can take a break from spreading hatred for a while. That has to be a load off of them. It’s a lot of work, stacking the political deck for the candidate of your choice by viciously and continually smearing the other side. They need a break so they can be rested for all the Obama worshipping that is to come before they wake up.
The world is rejoicing at the election of The One. Yay. Everything will be all right now, you just watch. No more terrorism. You’ll see. Shhhh. It’s all better now.
And then there’s….hmmm. Let’s see. Where is the rest of that silver lining? Oh!!!!!
Actually, there is one truly bright spot in this whole thing. Now the race baiting, self promoting imbeciles like Sharpton and Jackson can shut the hell up, along with the rest of the far left liberals on the subject of racism in America. Americans just elected a black president. That’s says much for the status of race relations in this country. White America just elected a black man with a funny name to the White House. So…..shut up. Find something else to whine about because that saw doesn’t cut any more.
Well, here’s hoping that Obama will do the right thing for this country and put his far left agenda on the back burner. Like it or not, he is our next president. Note the word our. Not just the far left’s. Ours. Sorry. Just indulging in some wishful thinking.
Now, if you’ll excuse me I have some feathers to gather.

Curmudgeonly sesquipedalian.

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