Five Minot State University Football Players Arrested On Drug Charges, One For Attempted Murder


As reported by local CBS affiliate KXMC, five members of the Minot State University football team have been arrested on drug charges, including one who will reportedly face attempted murder charges for assaults on two officers that left one of them unconscious.

These are just the latest criminal charges being faced by student athletes in the North Dakota University System. In the past year, no fewer than 15 members of the North Dakota State University football team have been arrested and convicted for charges ranging from resisting arrest to alcohol to fraud. At the University of North Dakota several members of the men’s hockey team have also faced alcohol-related charges.

Earlier this week I wrote a post about student athletes in the basketball and football programs scoring significantly lower in cumulative GPA than other student athletes, and all athletes in general.

That data, combined with these arrest numbers, lead to a serious question: Are these athletes in college because they deserve to be there, or because the universities want to gain prestige by winning sporting contests?

Remember, the justification for collegiate sports (enterprises which almost universally lose money and must be heavily subsidized by tuition and/or taxpayer dollars) is that they build character for the students who participate. But is that really the case?

Rob Port

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