Fisker Electric Cars Explode In Flames After Being Flooded In New York


Fisker is an electric car company that got a half-billion dollars from the Obama administration to produce hugely expensive, extremely unreliable vehicles.

Fisker has also faced allegations that their cars catch file while charging, and now pictures from New York show a fleet of the cars having caught fire and melted down after being flooded by Hurricane Sandy:

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In a free market, Fisker’s cars wouldn’t even be on the market. Their market is very, very rich people who can afford to drop six-figures on a car that may or may not work on any given day (and might even burn their house down), and that’s not much of a market at all.

The only reason Fisker’s cars are on the market is because the government gave the government a huge amount of our tax dollars chasing the “green energy” pipe dream.

Rob Port

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