Fargo City Commission touring the metropolis

I wish they would tour it for the pure sake of eliminating some of the urban sprawl. I think the size of the City isn’t terrible now, but the continuous move to the south is putting a strain on infrastructure, water, sewer, garbage, etc. That doesn’t come without costs.
It is time to start building up, not out.

Fargo city commissioners and members of the Planning Commission are touring the city’s south side today to review projects ranging from the nearly completed 52nd Avenue and Interstate 29 interchange to potential Southside Flood Control Project work sites.
Commissioners will meet at City Hall over the noon hour to discuss the projects, then hop on a bus for a tour expected to last until 4:30 p.m.
Senior Planner Jim Hinderaker said the tour will give commissioners a better idea of how projects are progressing, and for staff to get a bet-ter idea of the policy directions elected officials want them to take.
“It just kind of gives them a chance to get their boots on the ground and see what’s going on,” Hinderaker said.

A good example of this would be that according to the US Census Bureau, Fargo sits on 38 square miles. New York City only sits on 305 square miles, so only 9 times larger, but the population of NY is 82 times larger. 2631 people per square mile in Fargo compared to 28,852 per square mile in NYC.
Now I’m not advocating for Fargo to be like NYC. I for one really enjoy my 3 stall garage and a nice backyard. That isn’t my concern. I just used this for comparison puproses. My concern is that we are building out when we still have numerous opportunities to build within the city limits. There are numerous examples of empty space right in the heart of town that sit empty because of sprawl. I hope that could change, and I have started to see it, an example is the intersection of 32nd Avenue and 42nd Street, right in town. A massive space to build a housing development sat empty for years until these last few months where a development has began. I would hope to see more of these efforts before the continuous move southbound.